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Soccer Recruiting Performance Profile

Recruitlings has a tremendous offer for soccer players, the Player Performance Profile Report by Remarkables. We created the soccer report for high school-aged players and college transfer students.

We offer the soccer report for every field position, including keepers. Furthermore, we're able to embed the report on any website.

We create the report with your game videos. Here's how we do it. Firstly, we categorize your game performance. Secondly, we enter your game statistics into a database. Thirdly, we create an interactive report of your games.

Because video drives your report results, we post the highlight videos supporting the report on YouTube.

In addition, we create a personal feedback video featuring unsuccessful opportunities to review. Moreover, your coach can use your personal feedback video for one-on-one review opportunities.

Upon completion, Remarkables hosts a webpage with your information, the report, and your highlight videos to share with college coaches.

The Advantage

The soccer report is the most objective analytics tool of its kind. We categorize every encounter with the ball during games in the report. Your soccer player can review the proficiencies and deficiencies of their game. We've received incredible feedback about the soccer Recruiting Player Profile from coaches and scouts!

The soccer report gives players an immediate recruiting advantage over their competition. Above all, coaches view your report to scout you prior to tournaments or ID camps. Coaches determine if you're a qualified recruiting candidate prior to meeting you or attending your tournaments. Coaches, scouts, players, and their families benefit from the soccer report in many ways.

Financially, a six-game soccer report costs as much as one cross-country ID camp including airfare. A coach that vets you out of their college program utilizing the report will save your family a tremendous amount of time and money. The report enables your athlete to focus on schools that show interest in their capabilities. 

Soccer players around the world use the Player Performance Profile to get recruited and improve their game. We're excited to offer the Soccer Recruiting Player Profile to US players for the first time.

In conclusion, we're offering the best soccer recruiting and development tool available today.

Goal Keepers

College recruiting opportunities for goalkeepers don’t always go as desired. Even at showcase events, there’s no guarantee a keeper will get enough opportunities to display their full capabilities.

In the fall of 2018, I filmed games for a team that had a keeper being heavily recruited by several D1 programs. The team was good, really good. The team was so good that the keeper barely had any touches on the ball during their matches. When she did, it was rarely for a shot on goal.

Due to dwindling opportunities for matches during the pandemic, athletes from all sports have gotten creative to stay engaged in the recruiting process.

For soccer goalkeepers, that means filming training drills. Remarkables and Recruitlings are offering a program that combines filming your training drills with data-driven analysis of game footage to provide coaches a comprehensive insight of keeper skills and game performance.

Keepers get a profile page on the Remarkables website with your training session videos, game video highlights, and game performance report.

This offer is available for goalkeepers in the midwest through Recruitlings and Remarkables. Visit the Remarkables website to view live goalkeeper profiles for Mackensie Kelso, Madilyn Winn, and Tori Ornela to learn more about Remarkables’ services.

Get Started

Price is determined per player & per number of games analyzed. Options are available when multiple players have the same games analyzed. It's recommended that a minimum of six games be analyzed to create an accurate, objective report. The report can cover a single season, with additional seasons added to view your overall progress over a longer period of time.

We enter every analyzed game into the same report, regardless of season or year. Best of all, you can view the report by your team, by your opponent, by the year, or a combination of all three. It's truly an interactive report.

Get started with this incredible offer immediately by completing our form.

View the report on your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for the best experience.

We're offering this exclusively through our partnership with Remarkables. View the report Remarkables created for Lily Mattern or visit the Remarkables website.