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Recruitlings is a college sports recruiting video service specializing in highlight video, sports skills video, and video editing services for athletes that want to play college sports. We work closely with coaches, parents, and students to produce the highest quality college recruiting video for our clients.

Recruitlings produces your recruiting video from beginning to end, utilizing YouTube’s built-in tools to produce excellent organic results.

Located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Recruitlings films skills for baseball and softball, single games, or full seasons for most sports. Please contact us via the email form further down this page or we can be reached by phone or text at 630-427-4684.  Make sure to leave a message and we'll return your call immediately.

Recruitlings was featured in an article by Voyage Chicago in 2017.  Click to Read!

Summertime is softball time. Sit back and enjoy your daughter's game and let Recruitlings film the softball game for you. We film from beyond the outfield with no obstructions so we catch all the action.

Games are posted to YouTube and can be shared with college coaches or have us create highlights for recruiting purposes.

Use our contact form for a quote. #softballgamevideos

College Recruiting Services

Video & Photo

Recruitlings films & photographs all of our events with HD capable cameras to ensure the highest quality college recruiting videos our clients. With 20+ years of video and photography experience, Recruitlings films and photographs both indoor and outdoor sports and multiple types of sports.


We like our footage the best, but we can't be everywhere everytime. Therefore, we also create recruiting videos for clients that supply their own footage or that license video by other providers. We utilize additional software so your athlete stands out on screen as seen in on our videos.


All of our college recruiting highlight videos and skills videos are published on YouTube. We extensively use YouTube's built-in features to increase search visibility so college coaches can find you on the web. 

Social Media

In addition to YouTube, we share all highlight videos and skills videos to social platforms to increase visibility on the Internet.  Our service also includes a short 2-5 clip highlight video that we post to Instagram.

Recruitlings has partnered with Ethos College. Ethos College provides personalized services for families that want assistance navigating the complexities of college athletics recruiting.

Ethos College has a proven track record of securing scholarship offers for their clients. Visit Ethos College by clicking on their logo. 

Contact Us

Thank you for taking the time to explore Recruitlings' college recruiting video services. Below are examples of our most recent work of both skills and game highlights. Please use the form below to contact us for a price quote for filming your next sporting event, pricing for a skills video, or pricing for highlight films.  You can also ring us at 630-427-4684.  Find us across the web by searching #recruitlings


Do you make skills recruiting videos for baseball & softball?

Baseball & softball skills recruiting video is part of our service. Each video we create is tailor-made for the position played by your athlete. Coaches want to see swing mechanics and field footwork in a controlled setting. Recruitlings uses up to three cameras simultaneously to film baseball & softball skills videos depending upon the field position.

How long does it take to get the video online for coaches to see?

As soon as we're done filming we get back to our workstation and begin capturing the footage and rough edit for the clip selection process. We utilize Google Forms for our clients to select the clips they want to use in their video. We encourage our clients to involve their coaches in this process. Times vary based on feedback but usually within a week.

Can you edit my footage?

We absolutely can edit your footage. Send us a download link to full games or you can email game clips to edit, assemble, and post to YouTube. We edit your footage with the same attention to detail that we edit our own.

Do you film sports games?

Recruitlings films every kind of sports game that is played by your athlete. We film both indoor and outdoor sports for both high school and club teams year-round, both boys and girls teams.

Are you a subscription service?

No, we are NOT a subscription service. We don't use any proprietary technology for any of our work. Beware of subscription services and monthly fees. Read the "Terms of Use" carefully. Many subscription-based services delete ALL of your content when you cancel their service. We post to YouTube, so your videos are always available to view and are never deleted. We also archive everything we film, just in case...

Do I have to sign a contract?

Do you want to sign a contract? We do have contractual agreements with some clients on a per-season basis. Recruitlings will quote you a per-game price or a per-season price based on your needs and requirements. Please email or text us at 630-427-4684 for details.

Sports Recruiting Videos

Luke Smith Baseball | CF | Class of 2020

Rachel Foster Soccer | Midfield Defense | Class of 2019

Anna Perry Softball CF LF Sophomore Transfer

Rachel Hartman Softball CF SS | Class of 2021

Madi Shaw Softball | Class of 2020

Luke Geraghty Lacrosse | Class of 2020

Gabby Paliska Softball | Class of 2020

Nico DeFilippis Soccer | Class of 2020

Emma Garcia Softball | Class of 2019

Jake Klepacz Baseball | Class of 2019

Frankie Klemm Baseball | Class of 2019

Jack Meagher Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Seamus Hughes Lacrosse | Class of 2018

Will Bernstein Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Nick Johnson Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Joey Geraghty Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Allison Eberhard Soccer | Class of 2020

Luke Geraghty Lacrosse | Class of 2020

Molly O'Rear Soccer | Class of 2022

Paige Reichert Soccer | Class of 2019

Abby Casmere Soccer | Class of 2019

Jack Meagher Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Jake Meyer Baseball | Pitcher | Class of 2018

Seamus Hughes Lacrosse | Class of 2018

Kevin Murphy Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Will Havle Basketball | Class of 2020

Will Bernstein Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Jack Meagher Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Jack Meagher Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Joey Geraghty Lacrosse | Class of 2019

Erin Bengston Softball | Class of 2018

Olivia Flinn Softball | Class of 2020

Jane Theisen Soccer | Class of 2021

DGSHS Marching Band's Homecoming 2016

Customer Reviews

Christy Zeigler

"...Wanted to let you know that after a ton of running from state to state going on visits Ally has accepted an exceptional offer from D1 University of Detroit Mercy! 🙂 Coach originally gained interest through watching her video and prompted him to come watch her play this summer.  Just wanted to share the news - the video was key 🙂 "

Jack Walton

"...I'd like to thank you again for putting my videos together. Those videos played a pivotal part in my recruiting process and I wouldn't be where I am today without them."

Lisa Ringbloom

"LOVE this, Erik!  Thank you for the updates, it really looks great."

Jim Blazevic

"Erik, I can't thank you enough for Austin's video! It was just what he needed to send to colleges after his summer and fall seasons, and after he was seen at showcases. Feedback has been very positive and the video really complimented the skills video we already had."

Mimi Meagher

"Looks great, thank you!"

Kenny Van Spankeren

"...I believe the video that you put together helped Endicott get more interested in me.  I will definitely recommend you to my younger teammates. I really liked how you worked with me and got everything done very quickly."

Laura Faucher

"...You do such great work..."

John Rebello

"I really like it Erik.  You do great work."

Jennifer Comparoni

"Hi Erik - This looks great!  Thank you!"

Joe & Sarah Heinz

"Looks awesome!  I think it looks great!"

Casey Gignac

"Thank you so much looks great...  Thanks for the awesome video."

Will Bernstein

"The highlight tape looks great! Thanks for helping on such short notice. "

Kelly Murphy

"Hi Erik, Thank you so much for your great work and for getting Kevin's film done in time for his tournament a few weeks ago. We really appreciated it."

Mike Reichert

"Thanks again, Erik. Video looks great..."

Recruitlings provides college recruiting video services to athletes seeking college athletic scholarships. Highlight videos and skills videos for baseball basketball volleyball football soccer lacrosse softball and any other sport your child plays.