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Here are some of the most common questions we receive from clients before we're hired, or not hired. Hopefully, you find our answers helpful in your decision-making process.

Do you make skills recruiting videos for baseball & softball?

Baseball & softball skills recruiting video is part of our service. Each video we create is tailor-made for the position played by your athlete. Coaches want to see swing mechanics and field footwork in a controlled setting. Recruitlings uses multiple cameras simultaneously to film baseball & softball skills videos depending upon the field position.

How long does it take to get the video online for coaches to see?

As soon as we're done filming we get back to our workstation and begin capturing the footage and rough edit for the clip selection process. We utilize Google Forms for our clients to select the clips they want to use in their video. We encourage our clients to involve their coaches in this process. Times vary based on feedback but usually less than a week.

Can you edit my footage?

We absolutely can edit your footage. Send us a download link to full games, email game clips, or share on the cloud and we'll edit, assemble, and post to YouTube. We edit your footage with the same attention to detail that we edit our own.

What sports games do you film?

Recruitlings films every kind of sports game that is played by your athlete. We film both indoor and outdoor sports for both high school and club teams year-round, both boys and girls teams. Just because you don't see it on our site doesn't mean we won't film it.

Are you a subscription service?

No, we are NOT a subscription service. We don't use any proprietary video technology for any of our work. Be mindful of subscription services and monthly fees. Read the "Terms of Use" carefully. Many subscription-based video services delete ALL of your content when you cancel their service. We post to YouTube, so your videos are always available to view and are never deleted. We also archive everything we film, just in case...

Do I have to sign a contract?

Do you want to sign a contract? We do have contractual agreements with some clients on a per-season basis. An Email agreement hiring us to film and/or edit is binding enough for us. Recruitlings will quote you a per-game price or a per-season price based on your needs and requirements. Please email or text us at 630-427-4684 for details.

When should I make a video?

The best time to make your first video is before ID camps or showcase events. Except for skills videos, someone should be filming your team sport for at least one full season to create an effective recruiting video. Coaches like to see your progression, so 1-2 videos for freshman and sophomores a year and 2-3 for juniors and seniors.

What's a good video duration?

Coaches may view dozens of videos a day, so we recommend keeping highlight videos under four minutes in duration. Certain sports, such as baseball and softball, can be longer depending on field position but catcher and pitcher videos are typically longer than most other field positions.

How do I share full games with coaches?

When we film your games, they are shared with you or your team as unlisted games unless you specify otherwise. If we film multiple games, the games are put in a playlist on YouTube so one link will give you access to all the games for that season.

Can the other team use the video?

Recruitlings owns the rights to the game videos that we film. We're paid to film and give your team access to game films. If your opponent wants access to our game videos, we're happy to offer the game video to both teams for a reduced price.

Do you only film sports?

We're actively involved with corporate video communications and create marketing videos that are shared via social media. We've also filmed multiple school plays, school talent shows, high school marching band halftime shows at football games, and recently filmed and photographed a private graduation ceremony. We're also very well versed in Google My Business optimization for small business owners.

Can you do slow-motion?

We do! We typically reserve this for baseball skills and softball skills for swing analysis but we can certainly film slow-motion video for any need. Some coaches appreciate a slow-motion swing, throw, or hit to analyze a player's mechanics so we bring a camera capable of filming at a higher frame rate.

Do you fly drones?

Yes. Recruitlings is an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot, but we began flying drones recreationally prior to FAA rules that were implemented for flying drones commercially. We strictly adhere to FAA rules when flying and abide by their commercial pilot mantra, "In furtherance of a business." We've flown drones for over six years, mainly for construction but also for travel and architecture.

Can you film games with a drone?

For games that aren't played in stadiums, Recruitlings owns a 15 foot HiPod to get an elevated perspective of your games. It's against FAA rules to film above people without a waiver and even then it's very risky to do so. Not to mention that most consumer drone batteries only last about 30 minutes which is not long enough to film one half of most sports games.

Do you film tournaments?

Yes. We are available to film your tournaments as long as an exclusivity contract doesn't exist with another company. Many larger national tournaments hire large companies to film tournaments and they don't allow a third party to come in to film, even if those teams declined to have their games filmed by the contracted company.

Are you for hire for tournaments?

If a nationwide contractor is looking for local companies like mine to participate in filming their sports tournaments, I'm open for discussion on the matter. Contact us on our Home page using the email form and we'll get back to you immediately.

Do you film skills for all sports?

Yes. The recruiting landscape has changed dramatically since the pandemic began and so has the manner in which athletes need to present their skills to recruiting coaches. We are fully capable of filming a workout or a combine-style presentation for athletes to share with college coaches.

 Do you live-stream sports?

Recruitlings is just getting started with live-streaming sports. As of winter 2021, we can stream your sport as long as we're able to connect to a school's or facility's internet connection. We are exploring mobile streaming options for when sports in our area are ready for outdoor play. Most importantly, we NEVER post our videos behind a paywall.